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For Contributors & Collaborators

Female and Fungi is an open community where we welcome all that are interested in contributing to this website. If you have completed work or just a primordial idea we encourage you to email us and we will work with you to share your ideas through our blog. Below you will find some topics that can be focused on, but we are open to any and all ideas you may have!

Email: femaleandfungi [at] gmail [dot] com
or contact us with the form at the bottom of this page

Woman of the Month
Know someone in the field who is doing great work? Share their story by interviewing them! We can post audio, video, or written interviews.

Historical & Cultural Influences
Women around the world have nearly always had intimate relationships with fungi. Explore this relationship through writing about the many ways women have helped to fuel fungal culture and the science of mycology throughout the ages.

Nerd out by sharing scientific articles, DIY projects, your personal research, or anything else in the world of mycology!  From mycomedicinals, to mycoremediation, to myco-innovations and beyond.

Other possibilities:

  • Book & Zine reviews
  • Upcoming Events
  • Reviews of Events you have attended
  • Personal Stories of experiences in the field
  • Art, Poems, Drawings, Photography, and other Mycelial Expressions
  • Whatever else suits your fancy!


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