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Science Educator Emily Graslie Addresses Sexism and Online Bullying

tumblr_moekp3tylO1r4f0qjo10_1280In this video Emily Graslie, who is currently a scientist at The Field Museum of Chicago, addresses the question of whether or not she experiences sexism in the field. What she expresses aligns directly with how we feel here at Female & Fungi.

We aim to create a space where womyn can express their research, opinions and critiques as well as personal stories of their experiences both positive, negative and anything in between. We do not believe in creating a separatist culture in which genders are in competition with one another but we do recognize the challenges female bodied individuals face and those who identify with a gender other than what is accepted by the gender-binary norm of our society.

Emily’s words in ‘Where My Ladies At?’ are a direct critique on some of the sexist views of our culture.

Thank you Emily Graslie for sharing your thoughts and Emily Magner, one of our guest bloggers, for sharing this video with us!

One thought on “Science Educator Emily Graslie Addresses Sexism and Online Bullying

  1. I saw this a few days ago – good on her for speaking out! As a male in academia, I’ve seen this kind of thing before, and it always made me uncomfortable (and my institution is one of the best I’m aware of in terms of gender relations, sadly). I think it’s important for researchers to keep this in mind while they work – it takes bravery to call out a colleague, but it’s completely worth it to maintain a healthy work environment. Nobody deserves to feel marginalized.

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