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Mushroom Street Art

Mushrooms have been the subject of cultural expression for decades, centuries and lifetimes past. Here is a compilation of Mushroom Street Art that we have found, and though we have not specifically credited any of the artists in this post (as these are random images discovered at random moments of time) we appreciate each and every one of their contributions to our growing mushroom culture.


For more great street art, check-out Fungi for the People’s Facebook Page & their Album, ¬†Mushroom Street Art

2 thoughts on “Mushroom Street Art

  1. Hi MF I write the “Easy Edibles” column and other articles for Mushroom, the Journal of Wild Mushrooming, plus mushroom-related articles for other periodicals and in 2012 co-authored Field Guide to Mushrooms of Western North America (UC Press). Back in 2002 I write an article “Roadside Kitch for Mushroom the Journal that relates to your article on street art (by coincidence, back in 1975 I wrote a book Street Art). I am unable to attach anything to this message but if you send me an e-mail address, I’ll send you the kitch article. The images are drab B&W compared to the neat color images in your piece…but I have the color slides, a prehistoric technology. Bob

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