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A Re-Cap: Telluride’s 32nd Mushroom Festival a.k.a. SHROOMFEST

A Re-cap:  Telluride’s 32nd Mushroom Festival a.k.a. SHROOMFEST

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This year was a year of remembrance & milestones, of ceremony and new beginnings.  This year’s crowd was larger than ever, with pre-ticket sales surpassing last year’s total, providing evidentiary support that mushroom-love & lore is no passing fad.  Along with the expanding numbers came expanded offerings, with multiple venues showcasing tracks in entheogens, mycomedicinals, mycoremediation, cultivation, and identification to name a few.

The 32nd festival launched its first Mycoremediation Certification Course for approximately 25 willing students traveling from across the globe (hey Australia!), co-faciliated by Ja Schindler from Fungi for the People and Trad Cotter from Mushroom Mountain.  And, to top it all off, this was the first year that Shroomfest received some national coverage…from Fox News!

Though many thought that Fox would end up making mushfest look like some silly, hippie, blissed-out event (though I am not sure how anyone would get that idea), the footage, though definitely portraying it as “some silly, hippie, blissed-out event”, was actually not so bad as many feared.  There are those that go as far to say that Jesse Watters actually had a pretty good time and learned a little something too (see his last few words with Bill O’Reilly where he actually uses the term “mycoremediation”- yeah Jesse!)

All-in-all it was a wonderful weekend, filled with good food, forays, fun, and of course the most beloved of organisms, fungi.  We were wishing there had been a little more female speaker presence (our count: 5 stand-alone mycology-focused speakers), but there is always next year and by then we know we will have a whole crew to truck down to Telluride (hint-hint, nudge-nudge).

Andrea & Mara

The majority of the pictures featured (of the parade, mushrooms, mycoremediation course, etc.) were taken by Whitney Keene, some by Olga Cotter, a few by Aaron Inkling Cruz, and few of Gary Lincoff by Keith Simmons, and one photo by Daiva Chesonis, and Rebecca Fyffe

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All the pictures taken from the Telluride Mushroom Festival Facebook Group page

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