Female and Fungi is an exploration of the varying ways in which the fungi intersect with the feminine archetypal energies that can be found in each and every one of us. We believe that connecting more deeply with the feminine within, as well as with the natural world that is our Mother Earth is critical for transforming our personal, societal and ecological landscapes. Through education and community organizing, we share how lessons from the fungi can teach us to do just that — to connect with nature, and to heal ourselves emotionally, physically and spiritually, on an individual and community level.IMG_08 copy

Through our efforts in mycology and beyond, we work to address social justice issues, especially in relation to gender and sexual injustices. We recognize the need to identify the patterns and intersections between these and other interlacing issues such as racial, cultural, economic, and environmental struggles. It is our mission to create safe spaces during our workshops and events where we can come together and share our voices, creating a resilient mycelial network of support and exchange within the global mycological community.